Direct Mail

Direct mail is a proven medium to help drive revenue, a fact that is true even among younger generations. It is the reason why many of the most sophisticated businesses, non-profits and educational organizations in the country are consistently in our mailboxes.

The key is intimely and relevant message delivery. Dupli has invested in the most advanced technology and automated processes to help you deliver both. Utilize our knowledge of the United States Post Office and presort mailing to ensure you are mailing at the lowest possible rate.

USPS 2023 Promotions
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W+D BB700 Envelope Machine

W&D BB700 Inserter with 6 cameras. Offering state of the art technology to ensure the integrity of your personalized marketing mail.

Converted Envelopes

Insert Mail

Build heavy color, beautiful direct mail pieces that are unique.

Direct Mail

Automated Mail

Relevant and timely mail can be made easy with an automated mail program. Whether mailing a single piece or thousands of pieces we have the process to efficiently keep you in the mail.

Business Card & Postcard Printing

Postcard Mail

Full color graphics on both sides of your postcard with the ability to deliver personalized messages.

All-In-One Appeal Package Printing

Stik-Withit® Note Pad Inserts

Elongate the first impression of your direct mail package with a Stik-Withit® pad that people will love and use.

Peel & Reveal Postcard Printing

Peel & Reveal Postcards

Are you looking for something different? Create curiosity! Click image to learn more about our Peel and Reveal Postcards.