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In 1980 when Kemper Matt, Sr. purchased Dupli it was a small four person shop located in Solvay, NY. By the time Kemper, Jr. joined the company in 1999, the business had grown into a fiscally healthy company.

Dupli has built its business around a single focus – the customer: how can we assist customers’ in achieving their goals, how can we help customers grow their business, and how can we ensure their total satisfaction?

The Matt Family believes that a business is only as good as the community in which it lives. Putting this belief into action, Dupli believes very strongly in doing business locally and has created a spirit throughout the company of giving back. Dupli provides both financial support and time to more than 50 non­profit and community organizations.

Dupli has attained consistent growth with increases in business every year. As a result we have been able to invest in the latest technology and focus on what we do best: service the customer. Today, Dupli is an industry leading print technology company helping our customers to establish print practices and utilize print technologies to drive their business.

Connecting the Power of Print with the Power of Today’s Technology

Dupli is helping our customers achieve better results with lower costs by connecting the power of print with the power of today’s technology.

Our areas of expertise include

  • Industry leading On Demand Print Production of Envelopes, Corporate Stationery and Marketing Collateral.
  • Turn key solutions that help make print communication easy, timely, relevant, and valuable…
  • Mail as easy as Email.
  • Industry leading cross media platform helping customers create and manage individualized dialogues through a combination of media (print, email, text, web).
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At Dupli we are committed to being good citizens

As a printer of paper, we rely heavily on water, forests and energy and see it as our responsibility to do our part to take care of these precious resources.

Our efforts are focused on simply doing the right thing:

  • 100% offset of energy consumption with the purchase of Wind Energy credits
Exclusive use of Vegetable/Soy Based Inks
  • Stringent Recycling Programs across all Departments
  • Water Based Solvents
  • Chemistry Free pre-press
 energy usage programs in place to measure and reduce consumption
  • Focused efforts to help our customers produce only what they need and avoid wasteful overproduction
  • House stocks manufactured with wind-power and available with recycled content

We take great pride in our Environmental platform and would welcome the opportunity to present our efforts and thoughts to you or any group you wish.

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Dupli believes in diversity and creating awareness of it’s importance.

Within the workplace, Dupli strives to work with partners that most importantly offer best-in-class solutions for our customers, but where possible also reflect the diversity of our community.

Over the years, Dupli has built a network of women and minority owned businesses that we work with. Through this network Dupli is enabling our customers to meet their Tier I/Tier II diversity spend goals.

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Dupli’s proprietary technology is leading the industry in integrated “order-to-pay” systems including:

Your own internal system

In today’s extremely competitive environment, we recognize that as good partners our automation needs to extend beyond just our four walls.

• Automation that enables integrated, audited electronic payment
• Customized/defined catalog you determine with pre-negotiated pricing
• Controlled approval routing
• Standardization of all Branding aspects
• Order Tracking with links to UPS scan codes
• Real-time usage reports available online
• Online proofing
• Pay by P-Card, Credit, consolidating billing, ACH or EDI
• Websites hosted and maintained by Dupli, no third party solutions
• Secure transactions protected by industry standard encryption.

We make it easy!

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Quality at Dupli is not a program but a culture

A culture that focuses on the Customer. We measure ourselves in two key ways: On-time percentage and Error Rates. These measurements and specific job details are tracked electronically and reviewed weekly with the management team. The entire company receives quarterly bonuses on both measurements. Ultimately these measurements are provided to our customers during quarterly progress and benefit meetings.

Our success is built on established best practices and processes. Dupli has built one of the only fully automated print production systems. It is this proprietary technology that eliminates manual touches and helps to ensure a consistent, high-quality on time product.

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Dupli’s distribution model allows our customers to ship small stationery packages all across the continental United States in a maximum of 3 business days with costing that equals UPS Zone 2 or 3 published rates.

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