Who Uses DupliOnline™?

Thousands of customer orders are processed daily from over 250 customer branded DupliOnline accounts. The nation’s leading colleges, universities, banks, insurance companies, retail organizations and manufacturers utilize our state-of-the-art technology.

About DupliOnline™

DupliOnline is an industry leading print e-procurement system that can operate as a stand-alone system or can integrate with many global e-procurement systems. From stationery to statement envelopes – to marketing collateral to operational print, we can help streamline your print procurement process.

Enabled Procurement Systems

DupliOnline Procurement System
SAP Ariba Procurement System
Coupa Procurement System

Online Ordering Features

Dupli’s ordering system makes it easy and intuitive for users to order print materials. Template functionality drives compliance and ensures brand integrity. The platform drives automation from procurement to payment to help drive cost savings and eliminate non-value added processes. Technology gives designated users real-time access to usage reports.

  • Real-Time Proofing

  • Photo Uploads

  • Upload Mailing Files

  • Variable Content for Marketing Collateral

  • Upload Single Use Files for Print

  • Add / Remove Templates for Specific Users

  • Shipment Tracking

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