About Dupli

Dupli was a small four-person envelope jet house when Kemper Matt Sr. purchased the company in 1980. The company has grown over the years because of the dedication and hard work of our employees. A culture of continuous improvement and focus on the customer is ingrained in all of us. This culture is who we are.


A world-class team empowering our customers, company and families to achieve more.


To help our customers promote human connections.

Basic Beliefs

Everybody Counts – “If you want to fix a problem ask the person doing the job. A concept my Grandfather taught my Father.”

Positive Attitude “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t… You are right.”

Ownership“Taking responsibility of what we do as a company or as an individual is fundamental to any relationship.”

Fun – Life is too short.

Continuous Improvement – We always need to be getting better.

Dupli’s growth has been fueled by both acquisition and organically started ventures. Based off a recognition of changing customer need.

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Coated Products Division (CPD) Logo
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Notes is the brand that sticky note pads and cubes are sold under. Notes sells exclusively through our ASI distributor
market, printers and mailers.

Coated Products Division, CPD, is a manufacturer of added value
coated roll products. Henceforth, customers would include paper manufacturers,
other coaters and printers.

Dupli has a 80,000 square foot warehouse, located within a mile of our Syracuse headquarters. Ultimately, offering fulfillment services for both print and non-print items.

MoreWithPrint.com is our online ordering site for small businesses and consumers looking to buy the products we manufacture.

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