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Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

A modern, 3PL partner offering 1-day service
to the Northeast.

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    Reasons Why To Partner With Dupli Fulfillment

    Dupli Warehousing and Fulfillment is located in an ideal place – the heart of Central New York! Nearly 55 million people live in the Northeast within 1 day delivery service of our warehouse. We have the space and we have the experienced labor. If your in-house fulfillment is restricting your growth or you are exploring alternative fulfillment partners, please contact Dupli to learn about our modern 3PL warehousing and fulfillment services today.

    Syracuse, NY Fulfillment Map

    Ideal Warehousing Location

    • Affordable warehousing in Syracuse, NY
    • One mile from NYS Thruway (I-90)
    • Easy access to I-690, I-481 and I-81
    • Minutes to Hancock International Airport
    • UPS and Fedex Hubs within one mile
    • Access to volume discounts on shipping rates
    Dupil Fulfillment Warehouse

    Modern Storage & Fulfillment

    • 80,000 SF warehousing and fulfillment space
    • Secure and well-maintained
    • Online inventory management technology
    • Real-time order status and tracking
    • Picking, kitting, packaging and shipping
    • Flexible space with value-added services
    Dupli Team Members

    Loyal Distribution Partners

    • Owned and operated by Dupli
    • 30 years fulfillment experience to share
    • Willingness to share our customer’s stories
    • Fully staffed and always ready to assist you
    • Personable and reliable customer support
    • We care and want to work with you

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    Customer Testimonials

    Dupli has been outstanding to work with, from quick turnaround on both physical and virtual proofs, to production and fulfillment with their live inventory tracker, it all has been insanely easy. Our company has grown over ten times in employees and in merchandising since we started working with Dupli and they have been able to grow right there with us. Dupli makes the job quick and organized so I never have a doubt that we will get done what we have planned. As we continue to expand our merchandise catalog, we know that Dupli will be here to help every step of the way.

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    Contact Dupli’s Fulfillment Consultant

    Chris Keevil

    Chris Keevil
    Dupli Fulfillment Consultant

    Download Fulfillment Information Sheets

    Ship anywhere in the Northeast United States at UPS Ground Rates.

    Types of Businesses using Dupli’s Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

    Industrial Machinery
    Consumer Goods and Retail
    Wholesale Distributors
    Restaurant Supply

    Education Colleges & Universities
    Packaging and Paper Supply
    Construction Services
    Commercial Print Services
    Consulting Firms
    Attorney / Law Firms
    Dental / Doctor Supply

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
    Health Care Products
    Government Offices
    Hotel Services & Supplies
    Insurance Companies
    Accounting Companies
    Promotional Apparel Supplies

    Types of Businesses using Dupli’s Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

    Business Forms & Paper Products
    Business Letterhead, Cards & Envelopes
    Branded Banking & Specialty Envelopes
    Branded Marketing Collateral
    Branded Hats, Shirts, Clothing

    Manufacturing Spares
    Manufacturing Parts (OEMs)
    Construction Materials and Products
    Janitorial & Office Supplies
    Furniture & Accessories

    Hospital & Medical Products
    Heating, Air and Plumbing Parts
    Aerospace Space Parts
    Lighting & Fixtures Products
    Electrical & Electronic Products

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dupli Fulfillment Warehouse

    Where is Dupli Fulfillment and Warehouse Located?2022-12-01T11:29:26-05:00

    Our logistic warehouse and fulfillment center is located in Syracuse, New York.

    Dupli Fulfillment Warehousing, Packaging and Distribution
    6486 Ridings Road Syracuse, NY 13206

    Who should I contact to learn more about Dupli Fulfillment?2022-12-01T11:29:36-05:00

    Please contact Chris Keevil. His email and phone number are listed below here. You may also fill out the Contact Us form located on our home page banner.

    Chris Keevil –Dupli Fulfillment Consultant
    Office: 315.234.7233
    Mobile: 315.427.1469
    Email: ckeevil@duplionline.com

    Tell me about Dupli FulFillment2022-12-01T11:29:42-05:00

    Dupli Fulfillment is a secure, modernized 3PL fulfillment & distribution facility located in the Northeastern United States. We are privately owned by Dupli Envelope & Graphics.

    Dupli Fulfillment offers warehousing and distribution services for businesses, including unloading, handling, storage, order fulfillment, order processing, pick pack, special projects, and shipping.

    Many of our commercial printing customers utilize our warehouse and fulfillment facility and services for the products we print for them. For example, our banking, insurance and university customers maintain inventories of printed forms, catalogs, brochures, apparel, promotional items, trade show accessories, envelopes, specialty envelopes, letterhead, folders, marketing booklets and more. When a branch office or campus requires specific printed materials, an order is placed and our fulfillment center packs and ships the products to that location.

    What is an ideal Dupli Fulfillment customer?2022-12-01T11:29:49-05:00

    Our location in the Syracuse, NY area offers a more affordable warehousing and fulfillment service than other parts of the northeast or country. Additionally, our ideal customers work with us because they require a reputable, professional, centralized, secure, and modern fulfillment warehouse to ship their goods from.

    Our customers have some other things in common too, like:

    • Seeking to outsource their logistic and fulfillment to a trusted 3PL partner specializing in B2B distribution
    • Seeking to partner with a fulfillment facility located in a region of the country where the overall cost of doing business is lower
    • Seeking to partner with a company, like Dupli that has experience and is agile, reliable and accurate
    What type of industries does Dupli Fulfillment work in?2022-12-01T11:40:39-05:00

    We fulfill products and goods for all types of industries including retail, healthcare, hospitality, financial, and manufacturing and so many more. We love to problem solve with our customers so that business grows.

    What type of product and goods does Dupli Fulfill?2022-12-01T11:40:50-05:00

    The list is long! We warehouse and fulfill so many different good and SKUs. In additional to a variety of branded printed paper products and promotional items, including notepads, folders, sticky notepads and branded apparel, we also warehouse fulfill spare parts, consumable parts and finished products. For example, here are some of the other goods we fulfill for our contract business customers:

    Manufacturing Spares, Manufacturing Parts (OEMs), Construction Materials and Products, Janitorial & Office Supplies, Furniture & Accessories, Hospital & Medical Products, Heating, Air and Plumbing Parts, Aerospace Space Parts, Lighting & Fixtures Products, Electrical & Electronic Products and so much more.

    Contact us today. If you need room to grow and you need help fulfilling your good to internal users or external customers, contact Dupli Fulfillment Warehouse today. We are a reliable logistic partner for your business in the Northeastern United States.

    What is the turnaround time for shipping orders?2022-12-01T11:40:56-05:00

    All orders are fulfilled and shipped with 24 hours.

    How do I track my orders?2022-12-01T11:41:02-05:00

    Our barcode tracking system allows you to see where your order is each step along the order fulfillment process. Our shipping partnerships UPS, USPS, and FedEx provide us real-time insight into the location of your orders up until it arrives at your doorstep.

    Can your customers place, view and track their orders and inventory data online?2022-12-01T11:41:09-05:00

    Yes. Our customers will access their accounts through our inventory management system, which is online.

    Does Dupli Fulfillment offer other services like labeling or kitting?2022-12-01T11:41:15-05:00

    Yes, we provide kitting services and a variety of other value-added services for our business customers. Our services help our customers save time and money so they can focus on growing their business.

    Does Dupli Fulfillment focus on B2B and B2C?2022-12-01T11:47:16-05:00

    Dupli Fulfillment works with a variety of customer types and we always welcome your inquiries. While the majority of our services were designed and focused to assist B2B fulfillment customers, commerce and ecommerce has changed and so have we. Dupli Fulfillment welcomes you to contact us to see if our services can meet your logistics and fulfillment requirements. We are ready to help you with your warehouse and fulfillment logistics.

    What is your pricing and who should I contact to find out more today?2022-12-01T11:41:27-05:00

    Dupli Fulfillment and logistics warehousing offer affordable pricing for our clients and we are happy to share our rates with you directly. Based on our conversations and other factors, we will provide you with a professional and transparent proposal upfront so no hidden surprises or extra fees mysteriously arise on your invoice down the road. We are in business for the long term, like you so we stand behind our services and pricing commitments. Please contact Chris Keevil by emailing or calling him today. Here is his contact information:

    Chris Keevil –Dupli Fulfillment Consultant
    Office: 315.234.7233
    Mobile: 315.427.1469
    Email: ckeevil@duplionline.com

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