Toll Coating Services

Our Coated Products Division, CPD, is a manufacturer of value added roll and sheet products. Their primary business is the creation of our Stik-Withit® Adhesive rolls for the pads and cubes we make every day. Beyond this business our versatile coaters and team offercoating solutions. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and very customer focused. We have the people with the technical and operational experience that can work along side you to perfect any project. Challenge us!

Toll Coating Offerings

  • Water-Based Removable / Permanent / Adhesives
  • Laminating
  • Slitting
  • Linerless Label Stocks
  • Pattern Coating
  • Vinyl, synthetics, paper, PET, PVC
  • Full Bindery Service
  • Custom Development
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Water-Based Coatings

Water based coatings include permanent, removable adhesives, water-based release coatings, primers and digital print receptive coatings for paper and films.


Laminating of paper and film substrates to make efficient, customized solutions that add value.

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels can made using direct thermal, thermal transfer, semi-gloss paper and PET using an advanced inline coating system. These unique products eliminate the need for silicone release liners, which are both costly and not easy on the environment.

Pattern Coating

Dupli has the ability to coat different patterns of adhesive and coatings to make unique and specialized label and tape material.

Vinyl, Synthetic Paper, PET & PVC

The Coated Products Division (CPD) can coat adhesive and top-coats to many different substrates.

Custom Development

Lab and technical specialists can help design custom coated solutions to help solve the most demanding application challenges.