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At Dupli, we are extremely excited to partner with Syracuse University for all your print, mail and apparel needs. Firstly, the continuous focus on investment into the latest technologies make us the perfect partner. Secondly, the goal is 100% satisfaction. Lastly, please let us know how we can help. Go Orange!

Printing  –  Heather Perry (hperry@duplionline.com)  315-234-7230

Mailing – Amanda Dayton (adayton@duplionline.com)  315-234-7256

Data inquiries – Louis DeLucas (ldelucas@duplionline.com )  315-565-3424

SU Liaison/Epro  – Betsy McInerney — (eamciner@syr.edu) 315-443-5926


Useful E-Mail Addresses

Syracuse University Orders/Quote requests: suorders@duplinonline.com

On campus assistance: eamciner@syr.edu  

Online Ordering

We have integrated the online ordering platform into the Syracuse University E-Procurement system. Below is a link to step by step instructions of how to find our platform through MySlice and a direct link to the MySlice Log In Page.  Once logged into MySlice, you will be able to find the Dupli Merchant Link.

Once on the platform you can order:

• Posters
• Booklets
• Copies
• Labels


Student Printing Services

Dupli has set up a website for Students to quickly and cost effectively order printed products. Additionally, if you need help, please call Heather Perry at 315-234-7230 or email us at suinfo@duplionline.com.

To access the website click the link below.

To view the ordering instructions, click the link below:


Simplicity, Pricing, and People

MoreWithPrint.com was launched in 2016 and is owned and powered by Dupli. We’ve been printing for business organizations throughout the USA for decades. Furthermore, we support you by making it simple to create your custom print projects online, offering affordable pricing and providing excellent customer service!

You can order a variety of personalized printed products:

Stationery, Invitations & Note Cards
Sticky Notes Cubes, Pads, FridgeStrips and More
Greeting Cards
Thank You Cards
• Holiday Cards

SU Brand Apparel Ordering