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Dupli’s online ordering system, DupliOnline, is industry leading. We know this because our customers tell us so. The technology is simple so it is easy and intuitive. Yet we offer much functionality that can be customized to meet your needs to improve process and create savings. We would love to demo our site. If you are interested, please call or email us at sales@duplionline.com.

  • Real time proofing
  • Photo upload with real time proof
  • Ability to merge variable data, real time proof, mail sorting
  • Variable content for marketing collateral
  • Upload single use documents to print
  • Build a book with multiple file formats
  • Ability for designated users to add and remove published templates

Technology. We Make It Easy!

Dupli’s proprietary technology is leading the industry in integrated “order-to-pay” systems including:

  • Ariba™
  • Oracle™
  • SAP™
  • SciQuest™
  • Peoplesoft™
  • Unimarket™
  • Your own internal system

In today’s extremely competitive environment, we recognize that as good partners our automation needs to extend beyond just our four walls.

  • Automation that enables integrated, audited electronic payment
  • Customized/defined catalog you determine with pre-negotiated pricing
  • Controlled approval routing
Standardization of all Branding aspects
  • Order Tracking with links to UPS scan codes
  • Real-time usage reports available online
  • Online proofing
  • Pay by P-Card, Credit, consolidating billing, ACH or EDI
  • Websites hosted and maintained by Dupli, no third party solutions
  • Secure transactions protected by industry standard encryption.
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