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Direct Mail Services

We are your “on-campus” resource to ensure a successful marketing campaign. Vast choices in email and direct mail campaigns make being informed and organized a critical part of your marketing plan. Take advantage of our services and expertise to get the highest return on investment and market exposure.

In today’s email marketing environment there is an increased demand for HTML artwork, aggressive competition, and persistent deletion of emails that can be perceived as illegible, irrelevant or spam. PDS addresses these issues by carefully evaluating to ensure distribution and maximum impression on your target audience.

Direct mail costs vary depending on the mail class, quantity, piece size, weight, and shape. Members of our staff continuously stay up-to-date on changing postal regulations and possess vast knowledge of USPS rules and regulations. Keeping abreast of USPS mandates reduces costly mail errors. Our state-of-the-art software interfaces with the USPS database ensuring the least cost postal expense, and reducing the potential of returned or undelivered pieces.

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